Sliding Patch Panel Chassis

Sliding Patch Panel Chassis



U Size 1U (44.4mm)
Width 482mm
Depth 204mm
Net weight 2.1 kgs
Packaged weight 3 kgs
Packaged dimensions 530mm W X 55mm H x 260mm D
IP rating IP20
Suitable for Adaptor type All
Mounting Adjustment range 50mm
Cable entry 20mm 2
Cable entry 25mm 2
Material Cold- rolled steel
Material thickness 1.2mm
Material coating Electro Static Powder Coating
Colour Black RAL 9004
Grey RAL 7035
Operating temperature -40°C to +50°C
Designed in accordance with TIA/EIA 568.C, ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, IEC 60304, IEC 61754
Compliant to RoHS, Reach/SVHC

Technische Zeichnung


Weitere Bilder


1U Empty chassis panel for optional removable front panels Black RAL9004 SPANEL
1U Empty chassis panel for optional removable front panels Grey RAL7035 SPANEL/G
1U Empty chassis panel with mounting post Grey RAL7035 SPANEL/DE/G




Removable Front Plates

RF01 - 12 SC duplex adaptors
Multimode RF01SCM24
Singlemode RF01SCS24
Singlemode APC RF01SCA24
RF04 - 12 SC duplex adaptors
Multimode RF04SCM12
Singlemode RF04SCS12
Singlemode APC RF04SCA12
RF05 - 24 SC duplex adaptors
Multimode RF05SCM24
Singlemode RF05SCS24
Singlemode APC RF05SCA24
RF06 - 8 SC duplex adaptors
Multimode RF06SCM8
Singlemode RF06SCS8
Singlemode APC RF06SCA8
RF02 - 24 ST adaptors
Multimode RF02STM24
Singlemode RF02STS24
RF03 - 24 SC simplex/LC duplex/ E2000 adaptors
SC simplex multimode RF03SCM24
SC simplex singlemode RF03SCS24
SC simplex singlemode APC RF03SCA24
LC duplex multimode RF03LCM24
LC duplex singlemode RF03LCS24
E2000 multimode RF03E2M24
E2000 singlemode RF03E2S24
E2000 singlemode APC RF03E2A24
RF07 - 3 LGX ports
RF08 - 12 SC simplex/LC duplex/ E2000 adaptors
RF20 - 24 SC simplex/LC duplex/ E2000 adaptors

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