MPO/MTP® 24 Fibres Ferrule Cable Assembly

MPO/MTP® 24 Fibres Ferrule Cable Assembly


Fibre OS1/OS2, G657A1, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
MTP Terminations MTP® 24 Fibre Ferrule US Conec Boot Colour: Black Body Sleeve Colour: MM (Beige), MM Elite (Aqua), SM (Green)
Cable Diameter Micro Cable Trunk Max OD 24 cores 4.5 ± 0.3mm Patchlead Max OD 24 cores 2.9 ± 0.1mm
Crush Resistance Double Jacket Micro Cable: 1000N/100mm Single Jacket Micro Cable: 500N/100mm
Cable Tensile Strength Double Jacket Micro Cable (24 Core) (Short/Long) 400N/150N Single Jacket Micro Cable (24 Core) (Short/Long) 200N/60N
Cable Strength Member Aramid
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +60°C
Installation Temperature -5 ~ +50°C
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +60°C
Pulling Element Rope Attached to Aramid

 Connector Performance

MTP® Elite (MM) 0.10dB 0.35dB N/A
MTP® (MM) 0.20dB 0.60dB N/A
MTP® Elite (SM) 0.10dB 0.35dB >60dB
MTP® (SM) 0.25dB 0.75dB >60dB

Cable Performance

Attenuation Coefficient [dB/km] ≤ 0.38 Max (1310nm) ≤ 0.25 Max (1550nm) ≤ 0.34 Typ (1310nm) ≤ 0.19 Typ (1550nm) ≤ 3.5 Max (850nm) ≤ 1.5 Max (1300nm) ≤ 2.7 Typ (850nm) ≤ 0.9 Typ (1300nm) ≤ 3.5 Max (850nm) ≤ 1.5 Max (1300nm) ≤ 2.7 Typ (850nm) ≤ 0.9 Typ (1300nm)
Minimum Bandwidth:Overfilled Launch [Mhz-km] N/A ≥ 1500 (850nm) ≥ 500 (1300nm) ≥ 3500 (850nm) ≥ 500 (1300nm)
Minimum Bandwidth: Laser Effective Modal Bandwidth [Mhz-km] N/A ≥ 2000 (850nm) ≥ 4700 (850nm)

Einhaltung von Standards

  • TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801
  • IEC-61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5
  • NFPA 262 (OFNP) or IEC 60332 (LSZH)
  • IEC-60793

Technische Zeichnung

Drawing is for presentaion purposes only and refers to specific core count configuration - for detailed product design configurations please refer to detailed product drawings

24 Ferrule Trunk drawing 24 Ferrule drawing


Variant IVariant IConnector End A Gender A Connector End B* Gender B FIbre Type Fibre Count / Cable Type Cable Length Polarity Jacket Type Jacket Type
M2 MPO/MTP F Female M2 MPO/MTP F Female 09 **OS1/OS2 24 24 cores MicroCable INT Trunk 4.5mm OD 1 1 metre A Variant 1  - Yellow (SM)  - LSZH
M2E MPO/MTP Elite® M Male M2E MPO/MTP Elite® M Male OM3 OM3 (50/125) 24P 24 cores MicroCable INT Patch 3.0mm OD xx Specify B Variant 2 - Aqua (OM3) PL OFNP
OM4 OM4 (50/125)  24U 24 cores MicroCable Universal INT/EXT Trunk 4.5mm OD C Variant 3 - Aqua (OM4) PLUL OFNP UL Listed
24L 24 core MicroCable 4.5 OD with Pulling Element EV Erika Violet (OM4)  RI  OFNR
* Select Connector End B only if End B is different from End A ** MPO/MTP® ELITE SM 24 FIbres Ferrule termination is not available

Example Part Number

M2 F OM4 24 30 A - -
M2FOM42430A - MTP Female(24F) - MPO/MTP Female(24F) 24 Core OM4 50/125 Aqua Trunk 4.5mm OD LSZH 30mtr Variant I Low Loss Elite Connector Example M2EFOM3241A - MTP ELITE Female(24F) - MTP Elite Female(24F) 24 Core OM3 50/125 Aqua Trunk 4.5mm OD LSZH 1mtr Variant I Patch 3mm OD Example M2FOM324P1A - MTP Female(24F) - MTP Female(24F) 24 Core OM3 50/125 Aqua Patch 3mm OD LSZH 1mtr Variant I MTP Male to Female Example M2FM2MOM3241A - MTP Female(24F) - MTP Male(24F) 24 Core OM3 50/125 Aqua Trunk 4.5mm OD LSZH 1mtr Variant I Variant III Example M2FOM3241C - MTP Female(24F) - MTP Female(24F) 24 Core OM3 50/125 Aqua Trunk 4.5mm OD LSZH 1mtr Variant III Erica Violet Example M2FOM3241A/EV - MTP Female(24F) - MTP Female(24F) 24 Core OM3 50/125 Erica Violet Trunk 4.5mm OD LSZH 1mtr Variant I Plenum Example M2FOM3241APL - MTP Female(24F) - MTP Female(24F) 24 core OM3 50/125 Aqua Trunk 4.5mm OD OFNP 1mtr Variant I

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