New Product | 1U Cable Bar with 87mm Detachable Hooks

The 1U cable bar with 87mm detachable hooks is designed to manage a higher volume of  patch cords for high density solutions.

The individual hooks can be placed as per the installer’s preference.

The cable management bar can be supplied in a range of different colours such as black, grey and silver depending on the customer’s preference.

Features include detachable hooks to be placed as per installers preference, 1U to provide cable management between patch panels, 19’’ rack mountable and provides patch cable management with minimal attenuation loss.

This makes the  2U Patch cord storage panel ideal for Data centres, premise installations, telecommunication networks, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM, LAN, MAN and WAN, Data communication and Indoor applications.

View the new 1U cable bar with 87mm detachable hooks here

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